Pilgrimage to Elders’ Cove

“….we are not separate from our soils, waters, and air – nor are we, in truth, separate from one another”
12-27-2015 Banyan Tree Elder's Cove Dreher Park Cali Anicha

Photograph by Cali Anicha – Elders’ Cove sculpture emulates the aerial roots of nearby Banyan tree

I went to visit one of Jackie Brookner’s earlier works in a place called Dreher Park in West Palm Beach, Florida. Jackie Brookner (1945-2015) worked on the Dreher Park project in 2003-04, with Angelo Ciotti, to revamp the Park’s water flow and flood control systems consisting of eight acres of inter-connecting lakes and retention ponds.

I didn’t know I was on a pilgrimage until we drove into the park.  As I walked toward the large pond named Elders’ Cove an almost surreal sensation enveloped me and I began to tear up…  When I reached the plaque that described the site I was snuffling loudly enough to gather a few curious sidelong glances from some children on the nearby boardwalk.  The inscription helped me realize what was happening for me – the final line reads:  “The water, the plants and animals, the birds, the frogs and fish, and we too, are all interconnected parts of a larger whole.”

12-27-2015 Elder's Cove Dreher Park Lynn Fundingsland

Photograph by Lynn Fundingsland – Elders’ Cove at Dreher Park

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