World Garden Commons Construction Update

World Garden Commons Construction Update

February 6, 2017 Community Ecology Engineering 0
Winter construction at World Garden Commons

Construction at World Garden Commons, the pilot site for The Fargo Project, started August 2015 and is slated to continue through this year.

Planning the sequence of Commons projects has been a balancing act as we strive to keep stakeholders informed and involved – while we honor the region’s unpredictable weather. After all, there are no models we can follow for this approach. The city hasn’t done restorative work in a stormwater basin before; the public has never been invited to provide this level of input on a city project before.

Still, we expect we will finish a number of projects in the basin this year:

  • Construction on the water features for two inlets and one outlet continues throughout the winter months.
  • The natural play site will begin to take shape once boulders are placed.
  • An overlook, a series of decked platforms where visitors can stand to view the basin or enter the basin bowl, is designed. The plans, however, need to be amended to fit the project’s budget. Once that’s done, a portion of the project will go for bid.
  • An Eagle Scout has begun to design and research materials for a pedestrian bridge that will connect the basin’s east and west green sections.
  • The design team will investigate materials to be used for paths throughout the basin. One key quality of these materials is that they can’t wash away when the basin fills and drains after a rain event. These paths will encourage people to explore the 18-acre basin, giving the public a different experience than walking along the rim.
The map outlines construction sequence at World Garden Commons

The map outlines construction sequence at World Garden Commons


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