Thankfully, temps are back to freezing

Thankfully, temps are back to freezing

March 2, 2017 Art Ecology Engineering 0

Thankfully, temperatures are back to freezing in the region.  Spring can wait at the World Garden Commons until our winter work at the northeast inlet is nearly complete.

Because the soil at the bottom of the basin remains mushy and soft, and never fully dries, some of the heavy work at the site had to wait until the soil froze.  With cooler temperatures the site’s ready for work.

The water features have been the subject of much of the winter construction. Today, six truckloads of concrete were removed as the NW concrete apron surrounding the outlet was dismantled. This structure will be replaced with more natural features, such as rocks and plants.

While we are ready for spring – and a new season of action,  if you like heavy equipment and chilly weather, checkout the construction at World Garden Commons.


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