Boy Scout’s Boardwalk

Boy Scout’s Boardwalk

July 13, 2017 Community Engineering 0

Adam Laschkewitsch, a 17-year-old Boy Scout from Fargo, recently completed a service project at World Garden Commons that may earn him an Eagle Scout designation.

His project will help transform a neighborhood stormwater basin by providing a boardwalk over a wetland. Often, the conditions leave the basin muddy and make it difficult to walk. The boardwalk will help to make the area more attractive and usable to the neighbors and once 2018 construction season is done, the boardwalk will connect trails throughout the basin.

Adam’s Eagle project was to research, design, plan and provide leadership to build an elevated walkway to cross the wetland within the stormwater basin at World Garden Commons in Rabanus Park.

After initial discussions with his project representative, Adam presented his ideas to the site engineers, landscape architect and the park and city representatives during a site visit in April. The discussions ranged from using a complex concrete pier system to installing a pre-assembled wetland boardwalk and the various options for crossing locations.

After Adam met with city staff to gain approval for the final boardwalk design he recruited friends and family to help with installation. It took of hours of hard work digging in the thick mud to place the supports and level the surface.

The newly installed boardwalk is a great benefit to those want to roam the basin.





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