The Fargo Project Research Opportunity

The Fargo Project Research Opportunity

September 26, 2017 Art Community Ecology Education Research 0

Opportunities for learning are abundant at World Garden CommonsWe need your help.

Through conversations and interviews, participation in art activities and public events at World Garden Commons, Rabanus Park, many people have contributed to The Fargo Project through community interest and professional association.

Some of you have received an email to participate in a survey to determine how people involved in The Fargo Project view success and if/or how their perspectives may differ.  The survey assesses ideas of success, understanding of the design goals and mission, and interest in continued involvement.

We want you to take the survey.

The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.  You’ll be asked to identify your stakeholder group or category, if and how your skills and knowledge have contributed to the project, and your perceptions of goals and successes.
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Questions?  email Jesse Riley, call 701-793-1801

The variety of individuals involved in The Fargo Project come to the table with different ideas of what an urban area is, what storm water retention means, and what “success” means.  In eco-projects worldwide, a variety of perspectives are often represented, especially those involving lots of people.

It’s important to understand how to communicate and what people consider to be success at World Garden Commons so we can consider how to expand this project into other storm water retention ponds in the city and around the nation. The goal of the survey is to assess stakeholder perceptions of The Fargo Project (and World Garden Commons), the meaning of success, an understanding of the design principles and mission of the project, and interest in continued involvement.

The Fargo Project Design Principles
Principle 1: Let the water lead – Create a self-sustaining, hydrologically functioning basin true to the regional ecology and maximize opportunities for the regional prairie landscape to express itself and develop overtime.
Principle 2: Learn from the natural environment – Learn how the ecological systems behave, and practice responsive adaptive design and adaptive management.
Principle 3: Involve community – Make efforts create belonging, maximize diverse community participation throughout the life of the project from conception through long-term maintenance.
Principle 4: Experience nature and ecology – Create opportunities for people to enjoy the natural environment; the landscape is a unique attraction where people can experience the qualities and ecological relationships of a prairie landscape.

This study is being conducted by Jesse Riley, Doctoral student, Dr. Christina Hargiss and Dr. Jack Norland, faculty in the School of Natural Resource Sciences.

How Do I Participate?  Taking part in survey is completely optional. By completing the survey, you are agreeing to take part in the research study.  Questions regard your personal perceptions and experiences of The Fargo Project and World Garden Commons.  It will approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. If you decide to participate, you may change your mind or stop at any time.



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