Reflecting on the Summer Series

Reflecting on the Summer Series

November 21, 2017 Art Community Ecology Education Research 0
Free events at World Garden Commons in Rabanus Park from 1-4 p.m. on Sundays Rain or shine, the activities are free to attendees and open to the neighbors of World Garden Commons

The 2017 Summer Series activated World Garden Commons through events and programs focused on culture, art and science. Activities included a mini powwow, water festival, brass concerts, conversations and art projects benefiting bees and people.

Summer Series Video:

The events were organized by partners deeply involved in the design of the stormwater basin called World Garden Commons.  The events provided the non-profit an opportunity to share their mission with the public and neighbors near World Garden Commons.

The vision for The Fargo Project and World Garden Commons came from a diverse community thinking about how to utilize the basin, what to incorporate from cultures represented in the community, and showcase stormwater in a new way – as a resource. In addition, the hope is the site features are welcoming and build a sense of belonging along the restored prairie and water features.

We care about basins like these across Fargo because the stormwater eventually ends up in the Red River. We want people to appreciate how to keep trash, sediment and pollutants out of stormwater so it doesn’t reach the river. The World Garden Commons basin is a great place to demonstrate the system because people can see and appreciate how stormwater flows.

Art is everywhere. The Summer Series showed how we find nature itself to be a work of art. How we respond to and interpret our environment is a creative venture, and how we interact with each other is yet another art form. Nature can inspire people to create.

The vision of The Fargo Project is that World Garden Commons becomes is a model repeated throughout the community through which gathering places serve as art to help us learn and explore our natural world.

Thanks to The New American Consortium for Wellness and Empowerment, River Keepers, Plains Art Museum BUZZ LAB, The Arts Partnership, Native American Commission, and The World In Fargo Moorhead who helped us to achieve our goal of working with partnering organizations inviting their members and neighbors of World Garden Commons to explore, promote, gather, and create in and around the basin.


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